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Full Eight (8) Week Professional Taxidermy Course:  This is an extremely comprehensive course, engineered for the student wanting the most in-depth professional taxidermy training available.  Requirements during this eight (8) week period will keep the student quite busy, as he/she will have the options to mount any and/or all of the following:

2 – 4 Birds (Bird Taxidermy Course 80 hours of classroom – at least 1 upland game and 1 waterfowl, with at least 1 bird being mounted in a standing pose and 1 bird mounted in a flying pose)

2 Game Heads (Game Head Taxidermy Course 80 hours of classroom)

2 Life-Size Mammals (Life-Size Taxidermy Course 80 hours of classroom – at least 1 specimen must be a “large” mammal)

2 – 5 Fish (Fish Taxidermy Course 80 hours of classroom – at least 1 fish each of a warm water and cold water fish – due to the world wide popularity of “catch and release”, it is highly encouraged that at least 1 of the remaining fish specimens also be a reproduction)

1 Rug Shell

1 Antler Plaque.

Understand that with a little effort, the student should meet these requirements, making it possible to mount additional specimens if he/she so chooses.  The facility keeps a variety of additional specimens on hand for those exceptional students wishing to do so.

During this same eight (8) week professional taxidermy training period, you will be taught procedures including, but not limited to:

Specimen Selection

  • Caping and Fleshing
  • Coding
  • Salting
  • Tanning
  • Washing
  • Measuring
  • Forms (selection, preparation, and alteration)
  • Mounting Techniques
  • Interpreting and Using Reference Material
  • Taxidermy Finishing Procedures.

In addition to the above, and with time allowing, you’ll receive professional taxidermy training in the processes of:

  • Base Construction
  • Habitat
  • Air Brushing (various techniques, proper paint mixing/viscosity, disassembly/cleaning/assembly/care of the airbrush).

And by the way, all the procedures outlined and involving “airbrushing” (every specimen you mount will require some kind of airbrushing) will be performed by you with “Your Own Airbrush” – provided free of charge to you by AZTT!  We left nothing to chance by providing you with a new state of the art airbrush to use in your classes, and subsequently take home.

Also, in addition to your above airbrush, we provide you with an incredible assortment of taxidermy tools, along with a toolbox, that you will use not only during your eight (8) weeks of professional taxidermy training, but also take home with you upon completion of this incredible course.

Lastly, you will leave with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to begin working as a real taxidermist, or begin your own taxidermy studio.  Your own professionally completed specimens await your new showroom!

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Black Crappie Mount

Two (2), Four (4), & Six (6) Week Professional Taxidermy Courses:  These courses are provided for the taxidermist who may not be able to attend the complete professional taxidermy eight (8) week session, decides to take the courses on an individual basis, or one that wishes to specialize in a certain taxidermy genre.  The professional taxidermy training and procedures are identical to those in the eight (8) week course, and the mounting requirements are also the same.  Some tools within their toolbox may change, but as with all students attending AZTT, the exceptional  airbrush is included free of charge.

Job Placement:  Although we cannot guarantee job placement, we do occasionally receive calls from taxidermists, wildlife studios, and museums looking for additional / new employees.  We do pass this information on to our students.

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